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Jedi Covenant
Status: UP
Population: Light
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General Guild Rules and Regulations

1. Enjoy the game! Do not let it become your life.

2. Be respectful of other players and members.

3. New members will be placed on a probationary period and given the rank of Bantha Fodder. The probationary period is set for 30 day after signing up on the guild site. During this time the member can decide whether they fit in with the guild. Any issues can result in immediate guild removal.

4. We have a 3 strike rule on all members. If you break the rules 3 times you will be placed back into the probationary period (Bantha Fodder) or removed from the guild.

5. If you can solve a problem between yourself and another within the guild please do so prior to contacting an officer.

6. If issues arise that you cannot correct on your own please contact an officer. If one is not available you can contact any of the guild leaders to solve the problem. If a leader is not available please send any leader a message on this site containing details, times, location, and date as needed.

7. Cliques are frowned upon. We understand that you will be closer with certain members and ask that you not restrict other guild members in your group activities.

8. No scheduled activities are mandatory...just suggestive.

9. Do not create drama within the guild. We are here to enjoy the game. If you have an issue please contact an officer or leader directly to keep the conversation private.

10. Officers are here to assist in the enjoyment of the game. If there is an issue with an officer immediately bring it to a guild leaders attention.

11. Use the guild site. This is your main way to find information on the game as well as your best way to be heard within the guild. Please post guild specific items under the guild sections. Be an active member of our community.

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Guild Site Up

MysSci3k, Jan 3, 12 11:56 PM.
Guild site is up and running. Have a look around and let me know of any changes to the pages or even rearranging of the items placement. Enjoy!

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